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    i think they did a way better job then lil wayne. what do yall think. try not to diss right away cus the emo look. lol give it a chance.

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    lol this cover is old as hell. lollipop is not a song you can turn into a rock song by some preppy white dudes. like how can you not laugh when he sings "come here so i can make it juicy for ya" and they made this as the lead single for their debut cd. making a cover as your first single? weak.

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    im not sayin they are a good band im just sayin they did pretty good at remixin it. i like it better than lil wayne.

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    Yea I got that on my ipod so I could hear it and knew right off the bat that It wasnt weezy but it its cool

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    better then lil wayne and i dont even like that kinda rock music, lil wayne and everyone like lil wayne are just raping hip hop

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    Ive been bumpin this track for a while its way better than Waynes version. The only good thing about the wayne version was it had the homie Static Major on it. RIP. and he was from Louisville. Louisville Represent

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    ima go out on a limb and say that the original is better

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    THIS one is a lot better, it's not a remix to lollipop...just uses the samples.

    JJ - Ecstasy

    I LOVE this song, it's so mellow and trippy as hell.

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    The link is dead any chance on a new one?

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