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Thread: brotha lynch

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    brotha lynch

    how do u feel about his lyrcis on strange music box i think hes a fuckin g in that song and krizz kaliko fuckin murders the song too dwon ass song or not how do other peeps feel about it

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    I personally think lynch killed it on the track

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    Tech N Kalis verses were probably the sickest shit theyve done inna awhile. and i gurentee lynch brought it outta them. Their verses were sick. But Lynch fucking MERKED this song

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    i think they all killed it, tech tech n9ne n9ne shit im lovinn it!!!!

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    Lynch is da shit ......They all murdered it tho

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    I agree! KALI MURKED TECH AND LYNCH! that's what I love about strange music artists. Any strange music artist can out shine any other artist when they try to. Example: kutty on "so high" on the genius album; Liquid Assassin on "psycho bitch 2" on killer....strange music represent all day all night......
    P.s. Did I forget to mention, LIquid Assassins Apocolyose album is fuckin brilliant!

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    I think kali murdered both lynch and tech on the song.....IMO

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    They're dope.

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    i dont think lynch put it down as much as i wanted him tooo....
    i mean compared to tha "swag" that tech and kali put into there verses, i dont think lynch did tha same thing.
    das jux mah opinion tho.....

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    All yall who dont know much about lynch just wait for his album to drop...Dinner and a Movie, you will see true darkness from the Yay

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