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    kinda dissappointed to hear that "kaliko" listens to and is influenced by sum1 as wack as soulja boy, wat do yu guys think?

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    were u hear this shit at

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    kali is inspired by soulja boy? That is super wack but he goes hard

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    He maybe talking about the ex-Mo' Thugs Soulja Boy?

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    Who really gives a shit!!! Actually there are quite a few rappers who respect what soulja boy does. Tech, Krizz, Snoop, 50, Busta, and so on....

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    That's cool but I still think Soulja Boy sucks.

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    nah, im talkin bout soulja boy, soulja boy......i seen an article that was posted on here befo "genius" was released and there it named sum of his influences in the game as of 2day, and soulja boy was 1 of them...i was dissappointed wen i read it, but hey, kali is still........A FUCKIN RAP GENIUS DOE!! doubt bout dat

    but, fuck soulja boy doe!
    haha, lol

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    O-O no waaaay!
    whatever, i love kali.

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    Soulja Boy is a smart kid, despite what some of us may think.
    He makes shitty music, of course, but he's good at selling what he does.

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    yea, we all get da dude is a smart kid, but y i brought this subject up is bcuz, how culd n-e body, like sum1 like him...1st of all, he has no lyrics watsoeva..and wat hip-hop/rap a real artist who brings passion nd soul to his music nd gives his life, its sum1 who bleeds nd sweats out ova tracks, nd gives society sumthin dat dey can relate to..das da major thing dat soulja boy doesnt hav...i mean dont get me not hatin on da dude fo makin his money, its jus dat his music has no passion like all of these rappers 2day, dat yu hear on the radio...i mean soulja boy doesnt give yu his life or his feelins like "tech, krizz or kutt"..wat he does is talk bout da same ass shit, like sum bitch suckin his dick nd him smokin dat kush nd blah! blah! blah!....hip-hop/rap isnt bout braggin and showboatin wit wat yu hav nd shit like dat.....this whole industry has lost sight on wat it used to b...i mean back in da day, we went from "LL, Rakim, Krs-1, n.w.a. to snoop, and dre nd d.o.c. as well as biggie and pac" nd wat all of them had in common was da blood sweat and tears dat dey put into there music!!.....look at da game, nd how it is 2day, nd yu dont see that no mor! da reason y i brign dis subject up is becuz i dont see how "kaliko" can b influenced by sum1 who is straight up garbage and sum1 who doesnt bring to da table wit wat i jux explained

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