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Thread: VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009

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    VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009

    Anybody check 'em out? I've been a big fan of the hip hop honors every year, I think it's dope how they get all the new school MCs to tribute older legends. Every year newer artists get recognized, and this year they dedicated the whole show to Def Jam. It was ill, started out with a SICK ass tribute to LL Cool J, with Eminem and The Roots performing "Rock The Bells." Whole thing was dope, Method Man & Redman, DMX, Ludacris, Public Enemy, etc etc...They playing it over and over, just tune in to VH1 if you ain't seen it yet.

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    i peeped it. it was pretty dope. I think DJ Jazzy Jeff recked it on the turntables. I think Ja rule messed it up. Everythin was dope exept for his performance. lol....

    i thought eminem & the roots performance was da shit.

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    The Public Enemy performance was the best

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    I just saw it, and I think it was fantastic.

    I loved the KRS-One, Wale, and Gym Heroes cover of the Beastie Boys track.

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    Why was Jimmy Fallon there?

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