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Thread: Wateva happend to Tech's hype man, "Grant Rice"?

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    Wateva happend to Tech's hype man, "Grant Rice"?

    i mean back in 01 and 02 and i think 03 and 04, im not sure..but, Grant Rice was a hype man along wit "Krizz" and "Kutt", and he was also featured in the dvd's that tech put out (Absolulte Power DVD and T9X) and then afta those had came out, i wondered cuzz he wasnt in the "Psychumentary" or the "Strictly Strange DVD", so dis subject came to mind, and im wonderin if n-e of yu guys kno wat happend to him. I dont see him doin ne-thin wit strange or hear bout him doin ne-thin wit dem. Does ne-body kno wat happend to him or if he is still wit Strange or not????

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    hes doin his own thing check out EMPIRE myspace and Grant Rice Myspace

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