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Thread: How do I do this?

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    How do I do this?

    I have an MP3 player and I ripped a few cds so I can put them on it but they are m4a files and they don't transfer to my MP3 player. So how do I turn them into MP3 files?

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    Download A MP3 Converter.

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    get a program called DVDVideoSoft Free Studio its free then install then open then click free adio converter hope this helps bro

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    put the song on ur itunes, then right click it and go to CREATE MP3 VERSION

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    im guessing u used itunes to rip your cd's

    ok heres what you do

    on the top left of itunes click Edit >>> Preferences

    on general go to where it says "When you import a cd" (in the middle) and click "IMPORT SETTINGS"

    then click on the drop down menu and select MP3 Encoder and put the setting to "Good Quality 128"

    now whenever u rip a cd using itunes it will be in MP3 format, u can also convert the cd's u already ripped by selecting all the songs and selecting "Create MP3 Version"

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    THANK YOU ALL for saving my life! Work wouldn't be the same without Tech!

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