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Thread: K.O.D. Samples .mp3's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    K.O.D. Samples .mp3's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    made a new topic cause i got confused

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    u're missing B boy

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    damn i knew this was gonna be fire!! i have a feeling this cd will go down as one of tech's very best ever, cant wait 2 hear it all, but from wut i did hear im excited as fuck 4 this 2 drop, mad sum of them cut off rite when the beat was gonna drop but tht builds the anticipation, there was one chours i wasnt fond of, but i gotta hear the whole thing, and on demons he said " i aint at ease and currently on the brink of pop" tht sux!...but tht cd is gonna be hard!! i kinda like tht only a chosin few of us know about this musical gem, but i think he more then deserves 2 be wayne big. wayne sux, if ppl would jus really give tech a chance he could rule this whole music shit, not jus rap....but i got friends tht ive tried ovr and ovr 2 get them on tech and they jus wont do it, then theres sum friends i put on tech and now they luv him as much as me. i jus dont get it why only a few of us get this shit!?

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