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Thread: Will K.O.D. have a 2nd disc?

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    Will K.O.D. have a 2nd disc?

    since absolute power, every tech n9ne album has come with a 2nd disc.
    excluding the tech n9ne collabos albums.

    Absolute Power - More Power
    Everready - Strange Music Library
    Killer was a 2 disc album

    u think tech will add a 2nd disc with bonus shit onto K.O.D.
    that would be the shit.

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    HA thats down dude

    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    God, Tokah-Neena, I have travelled many a moons, and many a moms just to get you this answer you have been searching for. You have no idea what I had to go through.

    I had to battle a fierce snake. I had to duel with an electrified dragon. I had my legs cut off twice. and my hands tied behind my back. I had to travel back and forth from Uranus to Urmom. and Boy, that was difficult since Urmom is a whole nother galaxy far beyond reach of humanity, but I made it back in earth to find the answer from the one-eye wise man. I danced to him while singing the doobeebop. and I repeated to him the 1000 letters from God.

    The answer to your holy question is.


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    ok thanks lol

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