I haven't really seen any Krizz Kaliko Mixtapez & i was wonderin if anyone could help me put one together cuz all i see iz Tech N9ne promo mixtapez that people throw together. & i think i got a pretty good idea goin & i just want some opinionz.

i was thinkin 4 namez of tha mixtape & im thinkin bout callin it "Bringin Out The Big Guns" or "Bringin The Big Guns Out" playin off of Calico bein a big automatic weapon. I think "Bringin Out The Big Guns" soundz better

check out tha pic i was goin 4. it sux haha so thiz iz where i'mma need lotz of help.

& herez tha playlist

1. i was gonna put tha very beginnin of The Grench az an intro 0-22/Chip On My Shoulder

2. In Da Whip
3. The Chemical
4. Anxiety
5. Genius
6. Aintcha Bitch
7. No More Me & You
8. The Need
9. Love You 2 Death
10. Misunderstood
11. Bipolar
12. Vitiligo
13. Buku
14. Little Pills
15. If I Ever Go
16. Outro - The Hook from Turn at tha end 3:40-

17. (Bonus) We Can't Stop - Kutt Calhoun, 2Pac & Krizz Kaliko

any suggestionz?