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Thread: tech n9ne diss

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    tech n9ne diss

    Anybody heard of this ass face perz dopest that made a diss song about tech that he's not black and he's a coke head shits weak as hell fool don't have no flow at all and he sounds like half dead

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    Senior Member RainDollaz's Avatar
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    lol not again.. do i have to post my diss to that dude again... ahhh

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    Dudes a funny fucker he really thinks he's hard I'd like to c him and tech on stage to c how hard he is then

    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Dollaz
    lol not again.. do i have to post my diss to that dude again... ahhh

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    Senior Member ShivenDesai's Avatar
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    He's a bitch. He sucks.

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    He's trying to make a name for himself dissing everyone under the moon.

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