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Thread: TMTYL vs. Believers

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    TMTYL vs. Believers

    Dont know if theirs been a recent thread for this.

    Last night i listened to TMTYL from start to finish and was reminded just how much of an AMAZING album it is. The replay value for it is insane, it has hardly left my cd deck since i got the preorder over a year and a half ago. Anyways i just wanted to get some other peoples input on which album they think is better now that weve had some time to digest believers for about 6 months.

    Personally i think TMTYL blows believers out the water (sonically, instrumentally, song-writing wise.) Not that believers was bad whatsoever but with more listens to believers i don't feel it contests to tmtyl.

    what are your guys opinion?

    also there was many tracks on TMTYL that had been in the process of being made for a couple of years. Believers may have been made in a shorter time you think mayday should take their time on their next LP even if it means it doesnt come out in 2014?

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    TMTYL is better. It is in my fave 5 Albums, it is just great. But Bernz is better on Believers, he stepped his game up from TMTYL to Believers.

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    I enjoyed Believers a little more than TMTYL

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    I thought Believers was a little better. Both are incredible.

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