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Thread: I need spokane help!

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    I need spokane help!

    So check it we have two days in spokane and one being a day off since the second show didn't get added. my main question is are their any technicians willing to help out some strange music kats out wit rides to spots we need. laundry mats, walmarts, malls. etc. hit me up. this is a real deal not no phoney crap. u look out for us and we will do the same for you.


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    Wtf you guys never heard of rentals... Id prolly help you out if i lived up there...

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    Wish i could help but im 15 lol cant drive sorry

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    i would love too but im in denver. good luck

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    i'll be the mexican version of al borelin from tool time. lol

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    I don't know about spokane help....but when you guy's come down to YAKIMA, WA 10/17 I got you dawg off top. Get at me. I'll be the mexican with the AIRBRUSHED SHIRT....!!!

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