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Thread: "Girl Crazy" Music Video

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    "Girl Crazy" Music Video

    Anyone seen this, or know wtf this was suppose to be?

    It was posted by tech, but...well ya, anyway.


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    My opinion is I like the ass's

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    The song is great, but the video could have used some work. It's all good though. I don't expect him to make a great video out of all his songs, as long as he keeps the good shit flowing.
    Strangerz Represent!

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    Ya Tech has never made great videos. He makes awesome music but IMO he doesnt have all the production crews and budgets mainstream artists have available. He deserves all of it though, who can't say they wouldn't love to see a bomb ass Tech video. Mainstream artists make great videos, Tech makes great music.

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    Bad quality video but good song.

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    This was a release, kinda like Show Me A God.
    It was just put together for visuals for the fans.

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