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Thread: The Box Set

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    The Box Set

    i read on wiki that this is the new compilation album to follow up Vintage Tech, anyone heard of this? got any info?

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    i heard that and i really believe it is

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    Lolwut. There's a Digital Boxset, but all it has is Killer, Sickology, Everready, and MLK.

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    All I Know as since before MLK was released Wikipedia has had the real tracklistings for every Tech album out before I seen it anywhere else.So it is very possible that it could be true look for a tracklisting there prob a little after KOD is released.

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    I heard about it but not sure if it's true.

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    It's like Kirby said it's Sickology, MLK, Killer, and EverReady sold together. Cost $30 on amazon

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    all i heard was from tech himself. and he said him and trav already have plans for another 2010 collabos album. he didnt know the name yet or anything. techs exact words to me were "i dunno what itll be called but when me and trav get really into the album itll just come to me."

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    naw naw i heard about this too. it was supposed to be called like the scriptures or some shit.

    and it was supposed to be like vintage tech. random unreleased tech songs put together in an album.

    havent heard anything about in a HOT minute

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    its everready, killer, mlk and sickology, and i think it can only be bought online

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