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Thread: ths is fukt up special needs boy gets belted in school by a police officer

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    ths is fukt up special needs boy gets belted in school by a police officer

    the police officer said to the special needs child tuck in your fukn tshirt then told him to go to the headmasters office so he did then the officer ran him down and broke his nose how can a cop do this here to serve and protect what kind of protection is that the officer should be posted up as child bully and locked up in jail hes a criminal FBI take ass off to the hardest jail in america and give a taste of his own medicine

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    anything to back this up?

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    thats aussies for you, beating up helpless retards.

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    yep just aired on fox news the lawer spoke about and the footage is not good i dont know if it's up on you tube but the poor kid got taken down to the cop shop once they discovered the footage the cop was stood down and being investaged could be a criminal and no one knew about it in the police force it happen in i cant remember the name of the city but it starts with a d i think i know it's not denver but this is a true story the boys emotional fukt up now i hope he get a big pay out

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