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Thread: (OT) A Day in the Life

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    (OT) A Day in the Life

    is an awesome movie written and directed by Sticky Fingaz that is said entirely in rap. everyone should watch it if you dont got anything better to do. i think Sticky Fingaz should make more movies like this.
    to watch click the link

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    oh shit, i better go get that.
    sounds badass.

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    Being that it's Sticky doin the rappin it'll be a hell of a lot betta than "Carmen:A Hip-Hopera". lol

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    yeah straight the fuck up black trash is a certified slept on ic

    Quote Originally Posted by Trent
    Great and revolutionary movie. The way he was able to tell the story through his rhymes reminded me of Black Trash.

    By the way, do you know when or The Black Rock are coming out?

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