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    THE SPRINGFIELD SHOW WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!!! Shouts out to my street team for packing the fucking house full of hot bitches and college kids, rather than the smelly Juggalo crowd the show usually produces.

    Tech and Travis once again went above and beyond showing me love, and gave me lots of information regarding the near future of the label.

    Anyway..........UHH..........K.O.D. IS FUCKING INSANE!!!!!!

    I listened to five or six songs with Tech on the bus, plus the new songs being played on the tour.

    I've got an exact setlist from the show, and it totals around 2 hours of performances from Tech, Kutt, Kaliko, and Scoob.

    What an amazing show!

    The stage intro is gonna be great for all you folks at big venues. There's a coffin, purple, black, and orange/red lights setting up the graveyard feel. I'm not gonna give away the big reveal, though. That's where the magic is.

    No doubt, SM has really treated me as an honored guest.

    I'll leave y'all with this:


    Holy shit, none of you are prepared...

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    Gordy & Prozak on the same song????? YOU BET!

    Gordy causing controvery because of his verse????? IN-FUCKIN-DEED!

    "I see shadows on the road."

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    Hey. That first line hit deep Jed.

    Not really.

    But yeah, I can't wait for K.O.D.
    Really wanna hear the track with Gordy/Prozak.

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    in fuckin deed! sounds fucking INTENTS!

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    In your attatched pic, you kinda look like Owkwerdz....

    Cant wait 2 see the KOD show

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    thanks for the info lds, cant wait for k.o.d.

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    I can't wait for the Milwaukee show since chi town got cancelled. Also King Gordy and Prozak on the same track. That shit is tight.

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    So what's the future of the label?

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    There's a lot going on! Red Nose is being nominated for vid of the year. Cognito is steadily working on his album. Tech said they're filming a video for "Low" that features Kaliko and maybe another emcee, though I'm not sure because all my memories are running together.

    Shout out to Cognito. He's a real cool dude. He helped my street team as they helped him do promo, and hung out with them for most of the concert.

    Shout out to Corey for letting me charge my phone in the office. lol
    Shout out to Travis O'Guin for putting me over to the stage crew. Watch out for those ass-dwelling cockroaches. LMAO
    Shout out to Scenario for being Scenario. At least you know my first name by heart now. haha
    Shout out to Jose for being a genuinely cool dude and putting my street team to work on setup!
    Shout out to the bouncer guy on stage that looked just like Big Nick, only a little smaller.
    And of course shout out to Tech N9ne himself for being a hell of a cool person, allowing me access to K.O.D., and sharing his personal insight toward whatever we talked about.

    I can't say enough great things about the people who run this label. I really can't. They're very good to me. Thank you, guys.

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    When/where was the announcement that King Gordy & Prozak are on a track with Tech for K.O.D.?

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