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Thread: Next Strange tour

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    Next Strange tour

    Which artists from Strange Music would you like to see headline their own tour?

    Choose two artists or groups from our camp and one other artist or group from another label.

    Or even who from Strange Music would you like to see on another artist's tour?

    I have my own choices, I would like to see what everyone else thinks maybe they fall similar

    I would like to see this lineup in the future

    1-Tech N9ne w/ Cypress Hill & Ces Cru

    2-Krizz Kaliko w/ MayDay & Irv Da Phenom

    3-E-40 w/ Stevie Stone & BLH

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    Senior Member ₡₱♛'s Avatar
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    Apr 2009

    Tech N9ne, Hopsin, Kendrick Lamar

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    nice choice Cole

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    Senior Member GreatScott's Avatar
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    Jun 2009

    I agree with Cole...

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    Senior Member Nickbowen's Avatar
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    i agree with cole also but it would be nice to see Tech DMX and Jay rock

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    Well if it was a strange tour i would want tech, krizz, kutt, and ces cru.

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    Tech, Krizz & Deftones!

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    Definitely Kendrick Lamar! Hopsin would be sick too but you wouldn't see all 3 most likely.

    As far as Strange: Ces Cru, Jay Rock & Lynch, maybe Mayday if there's room. And rock, lynch and Ces are dropping albums early next year so it might actually happen if Tech does it the way he did on the Hostile Takeover tour.

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    No Derick not a Strange tour. stay on point

    Quote Originally Posted by Derick Shipley

    Well if it was a strange tour i would want tech, krizz, kutt, and ces cru.

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    Krizz has to perform with Tech so his own set would not work on top of performing with Tech. The Deftones would be sick with Tech I agree. Maybe Tech N9ne w/ The Deftones & MAYDAY???

    Quote Originally Posted by darktwisted

    Tech, Krizz & Deftones!

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