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Thread: Show Me A God

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    Show Me A God

    I think the lyrics are A+, But I dont like the beat, I hate it when it sounds like hes rapping with a marching band behind him.. I really hope he hears some more of the same feedback and leaks the accapella so we can change the beat.. To somthing more downbeat and dark.. Not a marching band..

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    Yeah, when I heard this song all I thought of was drill team. And what made me hate the beat was when he used it in drill team AND practically the same beat in the song after drill team.. So hearing this song its like the third time he has used the beat..

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    i personally think they both connect on this song.....i feel what your sayin' because I hate that drill team beat...fuckin annoying....the concept/lyrics of the song is hilarious/dope though......

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    yeah, i would have much preffered some sick strings and shit like that on the beat. Like havin kali do his choire thing in the background makin it all epic and shit. BUT, the snare on the beat does prolly help tech pump up his flow and when he raps...kinda goes well with his speed on the song

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    Beat was dope. I don't see why people aren't diggin' it.

    I. for one, am glad to see a track without a feature (Kaliko hook, or otherwise.)

    Also, the drill team beat was dope.

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    agreed, i didt care 4 the uptempo beat, i was hopein and thinkin it would be a more darker, and morbid, depressed type beat and feel 2 it, i like the song, but not how the lyrics come off, or the beat, jus sayin its not wut i was all

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    oh yeah, and yes drill team, i cant stand tht fuckin gets skipped everytime, i remeber when i went 2 a concert b4 killer even came out, and the had the music jus playing with an empty stage, jus tech songs and shit, then tht joint came on and nobody really caught on tht it was an unreleased song at the time, lol..but tht tells u there, nobody liked

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    My thoughts exactly

    Quote Originally Posted by KirbyTheAlmighty
    Beat was dope. I don't see why people aren't diggin' it.

    I. for one, am glad to see a track without a feature (Kaliko hook, or otherwise.)

    Also, the drill team beat was dope.

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    My expecations are very high for this album.

    Unfortunately, this song did not meet my expectations.
    Great song, the beat just threw it off for me...

    But let me say this, I know he will pull l through with this album.
    Oct. 15 baby!!!!!
    Seattleeee wa!

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    No way this beat is fuck'n dope!! There's so many different things going on in this beat it's crazy. I think it's one of those beats where not everybody hears it the same way. The more I listen to it the doper it gets. I think some people are just use to listening to simpler beats. I like the combination of the dark lyrics and the up beat shit. It's time for sum change!!!

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    yea with the lyrics like they were i think this song woulda been a slower more darker beat, something like hope for a higher power. Beat just doesnt fit with the lyrics. And i cosign on hating drill team.

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