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Thread: Anyone coppin the new album from Killa C "Bound in Chains"

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    Anyone coppin the new album from Killa C "Bound in Chains"

    ***PRE-ORDER***All Pre-Orders RECIEVE A FREE DIRTY THUG CHARM MEDALLION!!! Killa C presents "Bound In Chains, Thy Book Ov Time" - The long awaited follow up to Tainted Flesh (2005) Killa C takes you for a roller coaster ride on this thriller of a full length CD with features from TECH N9NE, HAYSTAK, SPICE-1, BIZARRE from D-12, KRIZZ KALIKO, SKATTERMAN & SNUG BRIM, BG-BULLETWOUND, & The LEWN. Bound In Chains also has the hit singles "Friend Of Mine" and "100 Bars" - and we cannot forget about production, with music from BAR NONE, JON CONNER, SEVEN, ROBERT REBECK, SUPAMAN, and more...Get ready for a HARD HITTING experience you will want to listen to OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! ***ALL PRE-ORDERS will be shipped NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 23rd to arrive for delivery by the release date of TUESDAY OCTOBER 27th***

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    I thought about it cuz i heard someone else is writting Killa C's music lol not sure if its true but ive always liked Killa C's solo shit embarrsing i know lol but ya most likely i wont buy it

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    FUUUUUUUUCK NO!!!!! Garbage!!!!!

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    no thanks. shit's trash

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    No way man!!!!! Not worth my hard earned money!!! Maybe a dl for the features. L.A. is much better as a solo aetist. But who knows, maybe Killa C will surprise people w this album.

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    Got mine on pre order.

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