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Thread: ive been to 5 tech n9ne concerts....

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    ive been to 5 tech n9ne concerts....

    but i just been to the kod tour on oct 1st.... it was the best concert you will go to!!!! the intro was fucken dark and the best introduction on tech n9ne..holy shit!!!!! i still have goose bumps... you guys will have a good time!!! i wont spoil it for anyone but i will say this.. he does talk about the contest for what kod stands for.. and yes he does perform new shit... you will see alot of hype and excitement. and it is the year of the 9!!!!!

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    your a lucky one we gotta wait another yr or to get back out to australia unless i win the kod contest lol

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    What songs did he play. Was the choreography changed from the previous tour.

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    Damn.....I have been to 3 shows.....VIP at the last one, but it doesn't look like I will get a chance to see this one. He will be four hours away on sunday but I have school the next mornining. Plus with now being a new college student I'm broke as fuck so I can't make the trip. Super disappointed.

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    That's the shit. I can't wait.

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    i hope his facepaint is sick as fuck

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    yeah man, props on not spoiling it.

    tuesday is my daY!!!

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    I cant wait going 11/12 who0p who0p Ive been tring to find videos of the show on youtube but havent had any luck...

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    I was at this show also, I drove 6 hours to see this dude and 6 back to make it in time to get to es in the morning. It was the best show I have ever seen. G Malone, Stevie Stone, Slaughterhouse all had very good sets. But tech wrecked the stage. He wasnt lying saying he has one of the best stage shows.

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