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Thread: Tech n9ne stuff for sale on ebay

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    i have more for sale!!

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    check it posted more

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    Senior Member mikern3821's Avatar
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    Jul 2009

    All of your shit is overpriced which is why nobody ever buys it

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    no its not lol

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    if you say soooo

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    Senior Member Techaniac's Avatar
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    May 2009

    il put a check in the overpriced box

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    WAAAAAAYYYY over priced. I can still get that shit K.C. at the record stores for under $20

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    Apr 2009

    what everyone else said. lol @ those prices

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    i dont have any of those and was wondering what people on here would say is a good price. i def dont want 2 over pay but i havent ever seen some of them for sale or on ebay before.

    i especially want to know about that Don Juan and that D-Loc & Dalima CD


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