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Thread: Strange Music Compilation?

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    Strange Music Compilation?

    Tell me if you agree. I think once a year Strange Music should release a comp. So the new artists on the label can get there music out. Ive only heard a handful of tracks from Cognito. Would be dope if they had a comp out so we could here some of his new music. Some new lynch tracks. And do a complete posse song with every artist from strange on one song. That would be sick.

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    I know they have the Strictly Strange VIP Cd but they should have released that it was a cool release. I have it but still should have been in stores i thought

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    would be a nice thing to do rather than just the promo cds u gotta go find and stuff. but who knows if they will do this.

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    id say its a good idea. ive been waitin for a "this is strange music" song. each heavyweight could hold down a different part of the rise of strange, or how bad ass they are.. idk man but the comp cd would be good to give to people as a taste of what strange is that year.

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    Thats what the sampler's are

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