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Thread: RIP Darrion Albert

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    RIP Darrion Albert

    this kid in chicago got beaten to death by some stupid ass gangstas cuz he wouldnt join their gang. i choose life over gangs any day.

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    ur so random dude

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    well dont worry. i dont think anyone will be asking you to join their gang. ever.

    but yeah that is unfortunate for that kid. sucks that he got caught up in all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by big ecker
    i choose life over gangs any day.

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    Im not going to lie this fucking made me laugh my fucking ass off.........Priceless.....


    And im from the Chi and didn't even here about this........

    Quote Originally Posted by THA KIDD 5150
    and when you choose life you get beat to death......

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    That is a shame that kid was an honor student tryin to do big things with his life

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