i could care less about bein famous, not worried bout the pay //
i dont wanna do this rap shit so yall can know my name //
i do this cuz its my dream, my ambition ///
just wanna be a rapper, thats all that i am wishin ///
ya it would be nice havin women and moneh //
be able to go the club and waste a couple hunneds ///
i aint worried bout that though // just so ya know //
i been writin since i was a young'n ///
love the sound of that bumpin ///
comin from my stereo or youtube //
when that sound start to shoot through //
bustin out my eardrums and killin my hearing ///
blowin out the sub thats sittin right near me ///
i got three bars left, how should i finish it? //
i could just stop, but that'd be the granting of all the hatas widishin //
so ima keep postin up more, so i can hear all ya bitichin //

(LiveWyre) <---thats me for yall who dont know