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    Had a few minutes so i sat here n wrote this....check it out

    This is the very center of the storm, look straight into the eye.
    Im a lyrical swarm like killer birds in the sky.
    im ravenous like a raven, bitch you sound like a parrot.
    With that squawk, talk talk, crawl in your hole
    like a ferret.
    cut you down im reaper.
    they call me the grim rapper.
    fuck jigsaw and fake movie killers
    i aint no fuckin actor.
    got heads in the shed
    cause my flow goes right for you necks.
    all you bitchspittaz
    is lil kids at the mitch bade desk.
    welcome to my dungeon
    its darker than the black masses and gas mask is:
    magical spell from the mary jane
    trip you out like acid
    the scripts that i rip.
    tongue twist
    and flip like a flick with a twist
    out on the pad out on the disc
    so you get flipped like a fish
    meaning you flopped.
    im hotter than a black hole sun
    on hot black top.

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    i keep my friends close but enemies closer to me.
    out on the battlefield blowin up like world war three
    im deadly like an RPG with infra red accuracy
    detecting anyone with heat that even move or breathe
    so hold your breath this aint no test the final drill
    my dying will: how many lyricists that i can kill
    with my sinister flow thats poisonous and infamous
    to anyother rapper thinkin that he's infinite
    im a militant i stay steady and watch you
    break barrel with a scope and i already shot you
    with that shit that i spit. you gon' get ripped lickity split
    i disinegrate your game like the hydro bomb just hit
    so fuck the aftermath of a nuclear winter.
    when flow's so deadly and icy that diamonds crack and splinter
    im pushing the atmosphere backwards and watch it blast so fast
    that hiroshima times ten could not even match that.

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    its cou' now record it and post it if u got a way to! stay up man

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