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Thread: The Lake Superior Sessions starring Kutt Calhoun

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    The Lake Superior Sessions starring Kutt Calhoun

    The Idea.Spread out all across the country a group of friends, who are also known in the world of underground music, decides to travel to northern Minnesota for a week. They want to rent an old cabin and turn it into a recording studio. The plan is to record an album together away from the cities and the spotlight. They all arrive in town, catch up over a few drinks and get right to work. Everything starts off good. Then the sun goes down. It is then they discover that this cabin has more to offer than it's rustic feel.

    Who's a part of this? This film will feature well known recording artists such as Strange Music recording artist Kutt Calhoun as well as King Gordy, Kung Fu Vampire, Mars, Liquid Assassin, Scum, GrewSum, Killa Capone and more.

    Only $40k?

    Yes, we are only asking for $40,000 and you are probably thinking "how can you make a feature film for $40k?" The answer is easy. We already raised some money for this project before starting this campaign. Also we are working with talented and dedicated filmmakers who love their craft more than money. A lot of us are working with low to no wages. If we go over the $40,000 mark, each and every dollar over will go towards making this movie that much better. Better effects, more effects, more artists involved, and so on. So please help us hit our goal. You won't regret it.

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    show some love for Kutty Cal

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