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Thread: Opinions of big scoobs album

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    Opinions of big scoobs album

    I love everything strange music has put out... except this. But it's his first album and he can only improove from here, right?

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    WHUT????? dude that fuckin album is amazing the beggining is an old school gangsta album the middle is scoobs story an the end makes u wanna party hands down 1 of the hardest albums EVER

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    my opinion is halfway between DarkFigures and Prinzyk lol

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    a h8tr without the balls to even post a pic. your a fuckin chump all you do is talk shit on these forums like your sum omnipetant fuck

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    an now ive obviosly hurt him in sum way fuck the lil prinz or whatever his name is.

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    i like the big scoob album because its different man.. kutty cds are too.. its not all suppose to be one way its different its STRANGE they made the move to big scoob but ina good way!

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    hell yea mane STRANGE!!!

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    Pretty average album. I could put the album on repeat and I won't know when one song ended and the other began, cause every song has the same flow and lyrics.

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    my opinion exactly

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy
    salue was alright.

    i just dont like the way scoob raps.

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    The album is dope!!!! IMO......Like Rain said, different in a good way!!! Ime feeling about 90% of the album. And the beats are dope!!! 8/10.......Good addition by Strange!!! Its another flavor of music added to an allready incredible lineup of artists!!!But I can see how this album may not be for everyone, lyrics dont blow you away, and his flow is a little repetative, but i like Big Scoobs flow. And the lyrics are real, which to me is important. I dont always need to hear diffacult ryme schemes and sick medaphors to like an album. This album is simple and REAL, sometimes simple is better, and real is everything to me. I love the gutter feel it has, it kind of takes me back a little. Not an instant ic, but a Solid effort from tha Big Fella!!!!!

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