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Thread: another piece (fuck the haters)

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    another piece (fuck the haters)

    if u muthafuckas hate me so much
    then why dontchu fuckin kill me
    nobody would give a shit cuz nobody fuckin feels me
    now u can me a pussy or u can call me a bitch
    but wutchu suckas gon say when you're burnin in satan's pit?
    nobody ever cared about the pain that i've felt
    the bullshit i went through, it was all fuckin hell
    but i keep on keepin on and yall still talk shit
    im through dealin with yall, so FUCK THIS!
    thats why i wanna become famous so yall can kiss my anus
    then i'll look you straight in yo face n say "karma's a bitch, aint it?!"

    (i know it aint much, but i'll write this into a full song when i get time. FTH!)

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    jus stop trying

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    Senior Member Amanda47's Avatar
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    maybe you juz really don't got it in you.

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    please dont

    Quote Originally Posted by big ecker
    (i know it aint much, but i'll write this into a full song when i get time. FTH!)

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    nothing rhymed. gee gee

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan
    please dont
    Quote Originally Posted by big ecker
    (i know it aint much, but i'll write this into a full song when i get time. FTH!)

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    Do you read read music when you kick it, go clubbin, or just to read it??? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YOUU FUCKIN LISTEN TO IT!!!!!! SO UNTIL YOU GOT SOMETHIN TO LISTEN TO, QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    dude, im not a rapper.
    but i do know that u don't have to say a cus word in every single sentence for it to sound good.
    maybe that'll help ya out.

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    people need to hate its part of the worlds structure //
    its like a battle between dudes to see whose tougher //
    no wonder..this place is full of nothing but violence //
    pain and misory..cause people clame to be giant //
    stop tryin..naw just take a lil more time and //
    make ur bars fit better like jail cells scale and keep climbin //
    exhale where others fail..this is just some info //
    if u gotta go out ur then change the tempo //
    proof read ur shit and see if it gotta good flow //
    cause what sounds good to u could need a lil bit mo //
    i know its hard man..startin out tryin to get mo //
    attention for ur passion while people diss u like its so simple //
    the fact that u even put urself out there is a start //
    so if this is what u really tryna do follow ur heart //
    and 16 bars will come easy as breath-in //
    but so hard to put in words when being famous is ur only reason // ...for livin

    i just write what i feel..not tryna produce the hottest lines or punchlines..ect.. im shocked ppl like my music to tell u the truth..but stay with it man and keep workin on it

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