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    Okay so I've been arguing with my lil brother...

    he sayz that three 6 mafia and tech haz done a tracc together...

    I havn't heard it.

    I'm sure most of you wuld know if he haz or not.


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    u havent heard it because K.O.D. hasnt been released yet. but tech said in an interview he did. you'll have to wait till k.o.d. comes out to hear it

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    the mans right, the tech & 3-6 track will be on KOD
    to this day, there hasn't been any other collabs between the 2.

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    thats tight . . i dont wanna wait

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    Yep songs called Demons. No other collabo between the two. They did a show back in like 2003 together in Jefferson City at Lincoln University was off the fucken hook.

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    I think he dissed them back in the day listen to planet rock tech also dissed scarecrow on the same album

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    they got another song together its one for they album too if i heard right. in the same interview

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    It might be the Shot After Shot track on the new three six album. They traded verses. Three six wanted Tech on their album and tech said ill do it if you get on my album

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