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Thread: Something to ask people who got or gettin the Strange charm

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    Something to ask people who got or gettin the Strange charm

    I just wanted to know if anyone would want to trade their Strange snake n bat pendant from the KOD VIP package for strange merch. I got some rare merch. Willin to trade good for it because I'm not buyin the VIP package cuz I have everything except for the charm, KOD VIP tour shirt, n lanyard. Go to my page n check out my merch. Everything on there except my pictures of my Everready jacket which is rare and my Tech N9ne Bout ta Bubble workshirt that used to be Tech own shirt rom the music video (only 5 made) know what I'm sizzlin. Got merch like Tech N9ne first ever Strange hoodie that only 1 in existent and the sweatpants with the hoodie worn by Tech himself. My Strange shorts worn by someone on Strange. Check it out. Let me know if interested cuz I need that pendant badly yadda mean. Easier if u look at my photo album.

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    dude this mite make it easier for ya.
    heres a charm for only 35.
    looks the same to me.

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    i got mine to trade if ya want.....make an offer

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCENARIO
    We made charms so peeps would stop buying them small ass cheap bootleg bull shit ones....jus be patient they ganna be on sale on tour and on line patient..

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron
    tell em!!!

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