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Thread: Need A lil help

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    Need A lil help

    i got 2 local Dj's helping me out with promo work and they asked if I could make them a CD with "dance" songs on them. If you could give me some suggestions to what Stange Music songs would be good to give them.

    It is much appreciated

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    thanks man i appreciate it.

    Quote Originally Posted by joe
    areola, how we party- from big scoob., dead wrong (sped up), everybody move, here comes tecca nina, einstein, bout ta bubble, caribou lou, imma player, night and day, the waitress, i see it, happy birthday, poh me anutha, in the air, lets dip, yeah ya can, sex out south, that box, gangsta shap,let me in, dont get stompt, monsterifik, salue, my wife my bitch my girl, the beast, flash, lets go. all i can think of. alot would need to be speeded or sped up for a "dance" speed.... if thats what ur talkin about.

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    wheaties, doe doe-from kaliko"genius," smoke sumting, im a playa remix-vintage tech, lets dip-kaliko"vitiligo," party and bullshit, she'll do-kaliko"genius," take it off(unreleased), poisonous, whip it-kutt, js on my feet-kutt"feature presentation"

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