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Thread: Do Juggalo's believe that Psychopathic Records makes better music than Strange Music Inc.

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    Do Juggalo's believe that Psychopathic Records makes better music than Strange Music Inc.

    Very curious...Personally Strange has it all day!!! #1 Indie label in the World!!!!

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    honestly ima juggalo, and i know for a FACT strange music makes better music than psychopathic records. i used to think psychopathic was the best but that was before i really gave tech n9ne and strange music a chance. now i know there aint no better than strange. ya feel me?

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    Yea I feel bro...good lookin out on da question

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    Psychopathic Records sucks for the most part now.
    Twiztid is the savior for them, imo.

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    Senior Member David72's Avatar
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    ID say Twiztid, Boondox, and Dark Lotus saved psychopathic

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    How you going to ask that? Well, I like a lot of the artist found on strange music and I'll always support them but I find myself listening to Psych. Records a lot more then I do Strange. but do I think Psych is better? I don't think I'll ever compare the two. but they definitely are both better then SKR even tho I like 2 of the SKR artist.

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    I'm a juggalo for life. I like Psychopathic n Strange the same amount. My opinion though, but keepin it real Strange is makin a big impact on the world. Tech with over a million records sold. Awesome shit. Both labels are my favorite of all time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiven Desai
    Both labels are my favorite of all time.

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    Hmm, I'm a Juggalo too, but this is a very hard question. Psy has produced way more albums that Strange. But for most Psy albums being produced as the years go bye just ain't as good as they used to be. Not all, but most. Strange Music's don't get worse. This is just hard to explain, anybody get my drift though?

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    ive never compared the 2....they do 2 diffrent types of music....i think there the best in there own right

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