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Thread: Tech N9ne Copys

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    Tech N9ne Copys

    Does tech n9ne copy alot of things or just a couple.

    Im a playa was a song by falco. He only copyed the Chorus almost exactly.
    The cover for Killer was copyed from Micheal Jackson cover "Thriller"
    The laughing part of There All Gonna Laugh At you was copyed from a Micheal Jackson song.

    Is that it. Just put this up because i was bord.

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    Its called "sampling" And every other artist does it.... In fact, I ask you if you can find one song from any mainstream or underground artist that does not have some sort of sample?

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    My bad.

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    naw i know what u sayin my nigga. tech will some times takes things but gives em a twist to better suit him.

    for example

    "i gotta question/(what?)/as serious as cancer/(what is it?/can u send a strip tease dancer/out to get her money and give it to you because u gotta/use it to buy your wife gucci and prada/" - techs first bars on "keep it keebler" by kutt calhoun

    "I got a question/as serious as cancer/Who can keep the average dancer/Hyper as a heart attack nobody smiling/Cuz you're expressing the rhyme that I'm styling" - Rakim first bars in his second verse on "i aint no joke"

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    That's not really copying that's sampling. And when Tech sample he does it with .

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    SEARCH TECH N9NE SAMPLES on the forum. normally i dont care if multiple threads get posted. but that thread has hundreds of replies and litterally covers EVERY sample tech has done WITH video or audio examples. great thread

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