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Thread: Something I Wrote

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    Something I Wrote

    I wrote this after my experience with Psycho Bitch, who managed to fuck my life in every way, even put me in jail. And yes, there are some similarities to Tech's music and lyrics, because I'm a big fan and actually drew inspiration from a lot of his songs. I'm not a professional songwriter or artist, it's just me writing down my feelings in an interesting way. Tell me what you think about it. It's entitled:

    "To You It May Concern"

    Those days we spent together were like magic
    Seemingly elaborate and impossible, their end felt tragic.
    So few of these that it felt like a new woman every time
    No longer in love, if I were, I wouldn't be writing this rhyme.
    It's over baby, I hope you get this message that I deliver
    You put me through shit that'll make a tough mothafucka' shiver!
    How could such a weak mind be used to save lives?
    Couldn't pass elementary Physics when you got three tries
    You claim to be a future neurosurgeon
    That's funnier than the unedited version, of the 40-Year Old Virgin!
    It's a shame you can't tell between the real and fantasy version
    Of life, I should have seen it from the beginning
    But instead of staying still
    The room kept on spinning
    With this bitch there was no question of winning
    Just losin', losin' my sanity spittin' profanity
    Out of my anatomy, raising calamity. From this
    Bitch's mouth, I got proficient insanity dai-ly.
    Blaming me for your shattered dreams and life
    Woman you must be crazy, and your memory ha-zy.
    Remember you were half-dead when I met you,
    Over-delusional psychosis ensnared you
    I was the one to bring you back to life
    Give you love and light, never be the one to cause you trife
    Invited you into my world with open arms and mind
    Looking back at it now, I wish I knew what you had in mind.
    "A terrible affliction of agony I bestow upon your brain!"
    Is what you told me but I quickly realized you were insane!
    Baby, how else can I describe you? You were my cocaine
    Short-term pleasure but inevitably long-term pain.
    For some, it's a strain but for others they simply cannot handle the rain!
    You were melting, I had to share my umbrella no matter how stormy the weather
    But you started to wane,
    Looking at me with disdain.
    All the pain and problems you've caused me
    Through your lies, manipulation and facade I see!
    Undeniably free from sweatin a ho,
    Leave your ass stranded in the field like a scarecrow!
    Cover your vegan ass with liquid porc
    Feed a beef sausage up your ass with a fork!
    Spray your face with chlorpromazine, Thorazine
    Chemically bomb your bipolarity, never to be seen!
    Attack your neurological pathways like Freddy
    Chop your ass down to size like a machete!
    You've been fucked more times than a small-time buisness
    When I come at your cerebellum with toxic flows
    You better do your best to find a witness
    Because very few could stand up to my sickness!

    More obsessive and psychotic than that bitch in Misery.
    Rape, mental institutions and miscarriage are some, in your history
    Elements that caused you to lie and deceive, ritualisticly.
    Although I'm more inclined to say this, bitch you must be deal with, swift-ely!
    When I come at you with the quickness and the sickness of my words
    Engulfing your brain, rendering you insane, inane, unable to feel the pain
    When my shit blows up in front of you like propane!
    When I came along I opened the world to you like a flower
    But that didn't really matter 'cause all you were after was the power
    But 'Imma tell you right now: ain't gonna be no flower or power when I come at you with the firepower!
    Better duck motherf*cker when I come at you or better yet pray to a higher power!
    Sour, is what your mood was when I told you I was leavin'
    Your initial response was shock but you inevitably got to weepin' and then seethin'
    Was the expression on your face, putting me back in my place was your inten-tion.
    I was seeing another woman but you wanted to put the better woman out of conten-tion!
    You knew I was the only one good enough to fuck your brains into another dimension
    So you kept me grounded like high school detention!
    It was cause for attention when you told me you were commited.
    To me? No. To a psychiatric hospital, now don't you just think that's a bit of an obstacle?
    When I see you struggling I wish you could take a whiff of my optical
    Seeing things from my perspective would have changed things for the better
    I would have stuck with you through thick and thin no matter how stormy the weather.
    I never would have needed to write those letters condemning your way of acting
    Treating my complex emotions like they needed compacting!
    Baby you gotta realize that as I'm writing this, I'm unleashing the beast within
    I'm telling you that robbing a man of his freedom is the ultimate sin
    Especially when he's innocent of the things you claim transpired
    Why would you jeopardize all the dreams to which you've aspired,
    To? Never gonna be another one like you, I lost someone
    But I also realize I'm never gonna be able to restart my life from square one.

    We had a decent relationship, not without it's ups and downs
    But then you took me for granted, judging me like some clowns
    But then again it was already too late, to my hands you applied the glue
    Looking back at it now, I wish...I never would have met you!
    I remember feeling that shit in my gut, hoping my girl ain't a slut
    I confronted you about it but your mouth would always stay shut
    I was ready to leave, but you said in your words I must believe
    You spent the night with your ex only for sleep but I kept the image of you trying to creep.
    What followed would turn out to be even worse,
    Felt like putting you in a herse
    When you told me you were giving him the time of day, but to my dismay
    You were only giving me the time of night, time to fight and argue
    But only briefly because you enticed me to pull out my dick and fuck you!
    Have you cuming and going at all hours of the day, leaving my house in disarray
    After we took our clothes off, we did the every way
    From the front, from the back would have you screaming and moaning
    Did what you wanted me to do, I fucked you until the mornin'
    Buried my face between your legs, made you orgasm
    Only too often and too well which is why my life would later be thrown into a chasm!
    But anyways, story for a different time, back to this-one.
    You were greedy, seeing him for emotional comfort fit for a swan.
    Seeing me though, for physical chemistry because no one could give it to you like I,
    I'll be damned if you say you didn't fuck us over, woman don't deny!
    You failed to separate past from present, you created a volatile mix!
    You chose me but only after it was too late, tried many times for a quick fix
    It don't work that way baby. It was unfair to him and me
    And you ought to know this was the source of all my hatred for you that you see.

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    Dude this is fuckin nice... 9/10 almost perfect

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    Thanks KoBane

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    Damn...that was epic

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    Do you guys think it would be worth recording?

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    stop trying to copy tech.

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    Thank you for stopping by, Pimp...Limp?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pimp Limp

    stop trying to copy tech.

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    Depends just do it right

    Quote Originally Posted by Strychn9ne
    Do you guys think it would be worth recording?

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    Thanks for your comment, appreciate it!

    Quote Originally Posted by tech_9BABY
    I can't believe I actually read ALL that...

    That was goood boy too good
    It's like 4.999... Stars out of 5 haha no ones damn perfect!

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    Fuck...I just found out that my case is going to trial because of this bitch....

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