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Thread: Sticker Question

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    Sticker Question

    I was looking at the Strange store to get Stickers for my vehicle. The only thing I saw was a Red or Grey Strange logo in the same design. It was just wierd that they didnt have any Tech N9ne stickers. Or Krizz or Kutt. I was hopein to get a Tech and Strange Music one and maybe a Krizz One. I kind of wished they had those other ones to and more Strange music ones in a different design. Does antone know where I can get a Tech Sticker and a Krizz one.

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    All u have to do is go to any decal kiosk in any mall in USA and they can pull any logo up on their comupter and make it into a logo. thats what i did 4 mosta my stuff

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    get the v.i.p. package for the tour

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