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Thread: skatterman and snug brim

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    skatterman and snug brim

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    Man they're still bringin it! That "Murder By Numbers" is sick!!

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    Hell yeah Skatterman and Snug Brim. Been lisenin to them since Urban Legendz and still. I'm passin out This is Kansas City on cd r to people. I'm going to be helpin Bigg Shot music and films their new record label. Skat n Snug for lie.

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    skat n snug are great urban legends was great but i think "Word on tha Streets" was better imo. It's one of the best rap albums out! great cohesive listen great for bumpin when your driving,

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    Skatterman and Snug brim are da shit....I bought Word on the Streets as soon as it came out and its still the only cd in my car on a daily basis....its the only thing that i listen to on a daily basis!

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    Murder by numbers is a sick track. It was on that uban legends. My Fav is We will shut this muthafucka down.

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    Im soo glad theyr off the label

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    mims completly stole gillies da kids flow "on move" gillie's holdin down the rap scene in philly and this fuckin kid comes and nabs it. what do you guys think of gdk?


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