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Thread: Alert Alert!! New Mixtape on the Way!!!

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    Alert Alert!! New Mixtape on the Way!!!

    Wat up World, this ya boy Y.T be on the lookout for my new mixtape entitled UK2VA:The Diamond Age!it will feature artist by the name of Jesta, Dr.Skillz, Kyzer, Magic etc. people from all ova the world coming together to smash this shit! So tell ya friends, ya friends friends and there friends friends ITS GOIN DOWWWNNN!!!!

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    Where can I get it?

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    u can get it on but ill post it wen it drops, probably within this week or next.

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    yo wuz good homie

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    Wat up Neville, eh man i gotta get u on the next one i already got enough tracks on it. but i got u real talk homie

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