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Thread: K.O.D. Pre-order and Store Not Working

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    K.O.D. Pre-order and Store Not Working

    Anyone else having trouble pre-ordering, or making any orders at all, from the Strange Music Store? Been trying for a few weeks now, figured the problem was to do with being out of the country, but not I've tried at home on a different computer and I get the same problems.

    When I try to go through the checkout firefox reports it as an attack site, I click ignore the warning and then I can't find the server, this has happened to me both in the USA and UK, so I guess its not down to just my ISP. I've also tried using a load of other browsers.

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    I ordered from there last week.

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    The store site is garbage. Strange needs to hire a real web designer. Can't even get shit as simple as hyperlinks right.

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