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Thread: Strange Music Biography??

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    Strange Music Biography??

    I've been thinking lately exactly what inspires a lot of what artists write for lyrics, not just what inspired those lyrics but where they were at that time what was going on in their life what exact place they were at when they wrote that verse.

    I plan on some day doing this with my family when it comes to memories, too, but on topic I would love to know stories behind lyrics and where they take place what emotions they had at that moment with what people etc etc. This would be a cool thing to have as a book, DVD, website, what ever.

    We won't be here forever, so I would love to know these things before the Strange Music fam is gone and we don't have a chance to.


    Let's make this shit happen.

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    That's a good idea. He talk's about the song "The Rain" in this interview

    This is an explanation of "Riot Maker"

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