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Thread: Favourite Female Rapper

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    Favourite Female Rapper

    Whats up people just a little question what are your Favourite Female Rappers i was bored as hell an thinking most people on here all talk bout male artists what about the ladys? plus i wanna find a few new songs to add to the CD Collection i know only a few Lady Sovorign or what ever her name is Lil Kim an thats bout it any awsome underground or mainstream ladys out there?

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    check out gangsta boo from the original three six mafia.. her flow is dope for real. hopefully they are all on the tech song.. they are making a reunion album this year so cross your fingaz

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    Dessa from Doomtree is pretty dope.

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    Jackie O.

    Foxy Brown.


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    Shawnna & Lady Q

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    I have to agree with ya there Ive always been partial to lil Kim too

    Quote Originally Posted by Cole Payan
    Shawnna & Lady Q

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    Razakel, Agginy, Kym, and Carolyn Rodriguez. That's all that comes to mind right now.

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    Jean Grae. Best period

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    I knew I forgot somebody.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pongo
    Jean Grae. Best period

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    Lady Of Rage and the Girl featured with Strange MUSIC Albums...on SLOW DOWN in Vitiligo,on MLK...

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