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Thread: Helps with the stress!

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    Helps with the stress!

    So I dont really write songs cause im not a rapper nor do I want to be. But I do in some of my free time write poems and what not to kinda get away from everything in the world. Im gonna put a few up just because. If you wanna hate than go head. lol I wont take it personal cause like i said I dont take it seriously its just for one. Some please let me know what you think whether good or bad. haha thanks and much love!

    Everytime I put it down the stories become mythical,
    Surpassing you as an artist magnified me as being lyrical,
    Now that you got a close up my rhymes come across as cynical,
    Ill give you time to comprehend as your knowledge is unpredictable,
    The first reaction of your pathetic lies has left me to be complacent,
    While this complex procedure will change your identity without a facelift so face it,
    Cause you're a woman not a bitch but still stoop down to that level,
    That reflection in your eyes aint a vision it's the devil,
    The state of mind of having insomnia just another misconception,
    The real world is in your future so best fix your depth perception,
    This is a sign of my ability to improve your production,
    And the funny thing about this write, this is only the introduction.

    Just a little bit of pressure and the veins are poppin out,
    Or you can cut the circulation and then block it all out,
    Cause losin what you love aint what life's about,
    Succession is in my future and the seeds are ready to sprout,
    Lets contemplate the reasons due to goin crazy,
    Pay attention now cause the devils producing many,
    One starts with curiosity which then leads to envy,
    Irate is what you feel by now your heart it feels so heavy,
    Jealousy is evil that I compel in every season,
    Its power that I behold so lets forget about the reason,
    All I request is honesty and truth that comes from heart,
    Im ready to tell the story now where should I fuckin start.

    Let this begin I mean the fuckin Introduction,
    Let Fame be known as I build up the re-percussion,
    Let people know that im about to cause destruction,
    Let me govern ya bitch and watch my kid in reproduction,
    The stakes set high the bet was lost my life is now closed,
    Criminally inclined the crime committed and I was the one posed,
    "Im the neighbor and I was up just washin clothes,
    He hadn't come home all night God I hope I dont impose,"
    The trial date was set, upon oath I then arose,
    Investigations incomplete the story now nobody knows,
    Charged with guilt I'll admit this man was just an enemy,
    He fucked my girl and now my world I told him not to play with me,
    Two missing now the neighbors gone I told you I'd make history,
    Unfaithful bitch you did me wrong you both lay down in misery,
    Vengeance gave me nothing except this cell to hate and vent,
    The path I chose was dark I hope theres time to show repent,
    I once was wrong but take my word control whats in your balance,
    The gift of God was love and it should be our one and only talent!

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    this one hits home... gotta say keep it up! i like it! this site needs all different things to peep! i wanna publish my poems i made for my ex one day. actualy all of my poems

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    very ku. keep it up

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    No hating here mate! I like!!!

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