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Thread: Swollen Members-Bollywood Chick (Ft. Tech N9ne)

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    Swollen Members-Bollywood Chick (Ft. Tech N9ne)

    I was hella excited to see that Tech will be on the new Swollen Members album which drops the same day as K.O.D. Swollen Members is an amazing hip hop group and if anyone went to the SRH 15th anniversary show to see Tech N9ne then you would have seen Swollen perform before Tech N9ne. "Armed to the Teeth" is Swollen Members' new album coming out October 27th the same day as Tech N9ne's K.O.D. which I mentioned. Hope all you Techn9icians can support Swollen as well. Tech N9ne all day all night mutha fugga.!!!!

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    Tracks already leaked. Search the forums.

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    Swollen Members fell off.
    It's sad to say, but it's true.

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    that songs fuckin wack as fuck. i was stoked when i saw it was out, but the song is fuckin wack.

    hes got another song wit them tho, supposedly swollen, tech, and talib kweli. if so that will be the shit. no way that track could suck

    and shut the fuck up kirby. obviously u havent heard warrior by swollen members.
    go for a run or someting nigga

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    Why the fuck are you always on my nuts.
    They'll never be what they used to be.

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    idk..i havent looked it up. im a huge members fan and ive heard from just about everyone there new shit wit subnoize sucks. idk...they wouldve fit better wit strange i think

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    I hardly believe it's Subnoize's fault.
    Subnoize doesn't make Swollen's music. And if it's already coming out in may, I'm willing to bet most of their material was recorded before they signed.

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    That song sucked bro..

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    Damn, man. Everyone on this website is a bunch of bootleggers. You are all the reason why underground music will never be monumentally successful. You all say "fuck the mainstream, I support the Underground all day!"...yet you bootleg everything that comes out and get all over leaked material. How about waiting til the album actually drops to listen to songs...And here is an idea...BUY A FUCKIN ALBUM>>Stop bootlegging.

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    Who bootlegged the album?
    What the fuck are you talking about?

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