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Thread: Better place...

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    Better place...

    To talk about Tech, not near as many retards spaming crap
    check it out.

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    as much fun as hangin out with you and your 3 friends sound, I think I'll just stick to the official forum

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    It was, numbers are annoying in website URL's ... lol

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    your a faggot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Prinzyk
    I found a place even better than both of these places, it's called life, have you heard of it? Oh man, it's amazing, it's this thing where, like, you don't go on other forum based sites (that doesnt belong to you) and advertise another forum based site (which also doesnt belong to you) for free!. Using this, life, thing. I have realized you can also permanently remove all spyware, spam, and chain letters...However I tried to test out the virus program (these people think I'm stupid, buy a trojan?! I'd rather not fuck my system up) so for scientific acknowledgement, I fucked a hooker. Afterwards, I felt really funny and noticed some changes, so I called Norton to see if they could help me out with my itch and my semenal leakage, and this green puss like substance dripping out from my penis-hole. No luck. So, my friend, all I can say. Is get on this thing called 'Life' don't have sex, and just... enjoy no spam, no chain letters, or spyware. (Y)

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