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Thread: Big Scoob' Flow

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    Senior Member leeriwoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2009

    Big Scoob' Flow

    Be Honest.
    i think his flow is nothing special.
    so i wanna know what you think.
    his flow like:
    XXX(rhyme)xx(rhyme)xx(2-word-rhyme)/4 bar

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    Senior Member B-rent's Avatar
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    Oct 2008
    ya ive noticed it myself......its kinda sad really =/ i like big scoob but meh...his flow is the same on, ever verse, ever song....very sad

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    Senior Member RainDollaz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    its like

    so when i mix it..i can twist it..for awhile //
    then i can gets it..if she wit it..wita smile //
    not expensive...just a rich bitch...on the prowl //
    and she tricks it..cause she thick em wild//

    i like it tho but that just me! oh and just made that up myself lol

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    Thats the reason I'm not anticipating this that much.
    His flow never changes.

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    good point twiz but my cup is half full...
    its still better than most rappers period because he's not just making shit up.. plus he's got the sound... imo way better than prozak...
    prozak is too iFFy to rap.

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    I would gladly take a Prozak album over a Big Scoob album.

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    Senior Member leeriwoo's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    prozak is better than scooby by far
    i love prozak's flow like he spitted on"Psycho Psycho Psycho","Run Away","You Don't Want It"
    It's motherfucking insane!!

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    I think his flow sounds good. for him anyways!! I also think the content and the beats are pretty good too on his new album. It took a good minute for Scoob to grow on me since I first heard him. To me he kinda has that ol school flow which you don't really hear a lot of anymore. And it ain't no pussy shit either!! Scoob now has my full attention. Just my opinion...

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    scoob sucks i aint hatin on dude but his album was jus.. a regular nuttin special rap album.. i wish him and strange success but after hearin his album i aint buyin it

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    I think Prozak is dope as hell. I dont know why u guys are all against him, He switches s, sounds, flows, Different themed songs and is original as fuck to. Scoob is good to.

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