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Thread: Question about the Three 6 collab on K.O.D.

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    Question about the Three 6 collab on K.O.D.

    Does it include Lord Infamous. I hope so especially when its called Demons.

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    Should be, since Infamous is a member of Three 6 again....I hope he's on it too, he does that darkness well.

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    yeh three six mafia re-union... bout damn time

    i wanna see crunchy black and gangsta boo also.

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    Lord Infamous is not on the Three 6 Mafia album, because of his felony record keeping him off the contract.

    But I don't know if this affects collabs.

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    Yeah 3-6-mafia is down to DJ Paul and Juicy J right now. If 3-6 got all the members back like old times, god damn that would be one hell of a fucking good song.

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    I Throught Lord was back in it. I thought I heard news about that somewhere and on wikipedia it says hes back in though. Why would a felony record keep him off the contract. If its true that dumb as hell. Is that like a Sony rule for there artists. I bet u if Jucy or Paul got a felony that rule would be gone.

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    Didn't gangsta boo Turn to a christian rapper or something

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    Boo pulled a mase went holy then went back to nasty shit

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    lord infamous has his own label now, called black rain entertainment. he is no longer in three 6 but he is still cool wit his step brother paul. he was all ova pauls solo album scale a ton. paul and juicy will most likely be the only two on the record since three 6 mafia is down to jus them and they are the only two on their upcoming album. in order to have a three 6 mafia reunion they would have to pay boo, koopsta knicca, and crunchy black from all the money they jacked from them when they put out there solo stuff after they left and kept all the money from them.

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