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Thread: Tech Gets indie lable of the year

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    Tech Gets indie lable of the year

    from his twitter

    "Me and trav came out here to albany new york to the t.w.e, conference and they presented us with indie label of the year award! WOW!"

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    Good, they fuckin' deserve it.

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    Hell yeah !! That's what I'm talkin about ! Year of the Strange is upon us !!

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    Hell yeah!!! The Year of The N9ne!! He blows any mainstream rapper outta the water too. From stage show to rockin the mic

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    Nice. Congrats to the Strange Crew.

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    cant think of a more deserving label

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    Hell Yea!!!! Strange showin how to run a label!!! Show the Main Stream how to do it right and honestly. This is just the begining!!!

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    what happened to prozaks album?

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