I got bored in and decided to write a rap about my life..
this is basically about me getting ready to be a father and being all torn up inside emotionally..
its a lil rough, tell me what you guys think...

its insane to think of the range of emotions
that flow within me
its like a dozen oceans clashing with a hell
that burns infinately
how can i cope with the scope and magnitude
of the situation i seem to be facin'
one side of me screams "ITS GOOD!"
the other side wants to start
drinkin' and chasin

I really need to conquer these demons within me
squander these feelings that hit me
how am i supposed to raise a child
when I feel like Satans fires burn within me?
my father left me when i was five
did i retain that biological side?
do i have the mind to ditch my wife
and my child
just like daddy tried?
oh wait he succeeded..
no longer conceded

i need a slap in the back o' the head
cuz right now my soul feels empty and dead
I need to get my fat ass outta this bed
I got a beautiful woman i gotta go wed
I need to eliminate all o' these thoughts
cuz soon Ill have a child thatll need to be fed