I've been down witth tech since 2000, jr @ topeka west high... Bought a cd a gas station called top-city entertainment presents scars & tattoos mid west compulations... With Mr. Stinky calld covosia on the rocks.... Bet ya can't find it... But anyways first time seen twch was at absolute power photo shoott at uptown.... Met in the meet and great for the first time at the gathering of the juggalos in 04.... Then yearsater met him in topeka at the spring bling town with short dog and trickdaddy... 5 ninjas and I couldn't afford tickets I rolled up to him at the bar in the lobby of the hotwl next door to the kansas expo center.... Hold up before anyone says anaything werw no hound dogs... Each one of is had been listen for years and had been to morw then three shows.. Fa back as anghellic and hostal take over tour... Any ways talkd with tech and was given 5 tickets for the show.... Later in 05 seen him wichita and got to smoke gim him and kutt on the bus behind the cotillian... Since then considered my slef lucky enuff not to apeoch a ninja after rockn a show.... Since then I've talkd with him at thw sickology photo shot ans red nose video shoot... Twch is a humble down to earth person who gives back what he gets... And has gone out of his way a cuple time to prove in my own personal experiances.....
What's you experience let me know!!!

Top-city juggalos
Topeka, ks