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Thread: SHOW ME A GOD ? I THINK HE'S BEEN SHOWN TO HIM A FEW TIMES (new thought starting on pg.6)

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    SHOW ME A GOD ? I THINK HE'S BEEN SHOWN TO HIM A FEW TIMES (new thought starting on pg.6)

    alright ya'll, i know this is gunna start alot of contraversy, and opposing opinions, but i got to get this off my chest.

    In the begining of Everyready, the into is called B.L.E.S.T., wich is basically giving thanks to GOD for saving their lives and allowing them to live through such a could be tragic situation. TECH knows all about GOD growing up and his mom being in church and what not, despite his confusion on him as grew up. and i cant think of any specific tracks but theres a few ive heard where he talks bout god in a good way.

    now, on KILLER he has "Hope For A Higher Power" where he basically is saying "if there is a god, where are you ? and how can you allow all these horrible things to happen." and now this up comming "show me a god", i havent heard it, but going off of what he said it has to do with, i can pretty much guess what the content will contain.

    ok, i myself was raised in a christian home growing up, no not perfect, but still, but as i got older and we lived far away from our home church, i drifted away, but still knew what was up when it came to god, i just didnt wanna live the christian life. but 2 yrs ago, i went through a tragic situation where i was charged with murder and witnesses were lying against me and changing stories and detectives were tampering with evidance to make me look guilty and i was scared out of my mind and my family came to me and told me "rely on god, its his battle, not yours, JUST HAVE FAITH AND BELIEVE" and i did, i prayed daily and thanked him for my victory even when things looked aweful, abnd GUESS WHAT ??? HERE I AM, home for the past 6months.

    I believe Tech fails to see gods favor in his life, He went through false starts in his career time and time again, FOR A REASON, god had something better for him, his OWN LABEL, if not for all the false starts and shady bizness deals, there WOULD NOT BE A STRANGE MUSIC today and his career might have fell off along time ago. then theres his accident wich he survived, and the money he makes and what ever good ness goes on his life, he shjould thank god for his many blessings, and he might, who knows. but instead of "searching" and being confused about the fate of his mother, he should know, that if hes been blessed with success, he can be blessed with his mothers healing.

    sometimes GOD needs to WAKE US UP AND GET OUR ATTENTION, especially if U KNOW HIM and then go astray, BELIEVE me, i experienced it and know plenty who have, even those who paid with their own lives.

    and iknow theres some tech cock riders that wanna believe and support every word tech says even when its contridicting, buthey, this is what it is, im not the type of "christian" who thinks there better than every one else or every one is evil xcept me or imma shove my beliefs down their throats or imma hate em. im not. so if cock riders want to spit on me and say bad things about god, u should keep ur mouths shut because if tech comes out saying "praise god" and "thank u lord for blessing me", u guys would be saying "hell ya, thats whats up, techs blessed.".

    and again, that part their was for the COCK RIDERS ONLY, not everybody who might actually disagree on their own beliefs.

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    2 words REAL TALK

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    Shut the fuck up.........

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    I am catholic but wat i think tech is sying is that yea he knows about god and everything but it is possible for people to lose faith My grandma was the most amazing woman alive but she died from a horrible cancer that took over her body by the time she died she didnt look like a person anymore. It made me question why would god let such a wonderful woman who did so much in is name die like that. my faith tells me that everything is for a reason but i dont know what it was but still I think tech is just goin through a rough time trying to understand why god is letting this all happen u can relate to that being falsly accused an shit as can anyone who goes through rough times.

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    I have no reason to believe in God.

    So that's my belief.

    Also, as with Tech's situation, I'm willing to bet his mother means more to him than his fame and glory, so it's not an even balance for him.

    That's like, for my example...

    I've never been extremely poor (not wealthy, but never had to struggle), but on the other hand, I've lost so much.
    My grandfather that lived with me and my parents since I was born died a couple weeks after my eighteenth birthday. He didn't get to see me graduate, after he talked about it so much for a year or two.

    I'd rather be broke and hungry than my grandfather be dead.
    It's uneven. No matter how much money you have or how many times you've survived something, if someone close to you dies (or extremely sick/close to death), it's not an even balance.

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    i think every religious person loses some of their faith once in a while. hard times come around and its natural to ask "why God? why let this happen? are you even there? show me a sign!" something like that. i think this song is how tech is feeling about God at this moment.

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    I believe in god but i can feel what tech is saying, dat nigga went through so much that for a minute he stop having any love for'm and yea , fuk the fame and glory i would give all dat shit up if i could spare my mommas life yadidimean.
    also listen to devil boy
    and listen to god complex, what he said on them have somthin to do wit it 2

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    I totally agree with you man, but I think you should wait for the song. The title may be misleading.

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    I have mixed views and shit. I was baptised catholic and went through first communion, conformation and all that shit my grandma is like one of the most religous and nicest persons and my uncle is a priest. I was basically kind of forced through that shit by parents and family. I dont really believe in religion but i believe in a higher power like god. who knows what god is or what god looks like. who knows if god actually does exists. It could all be false and be a lie. I guess i kind of believe in it because there are just some stuff that u really cant explain how it happens or what caused it and why things the way they are. I mean tragic shit does happen. Thats just life. Everything is not meant to be perfect. For me i dont think god is desinged to make everything perfect or make everything right. We need to experience some bad and tragic times and things so we as people get stronger and be better because of it. Unfortunatley some people more than others. but again everybody is different so we all dont experience the same things or go through the same things as other people do. But I do believe god will let u know he is there for u and help u out at least once or twice in ur life. may be not now but latter in ur life u will recognize it. i think Tech has been blessed from god by strange music. I mean just the fact that he didnt have success before and people didnt appreciate his music and the fact that people told him he is wasting his time and never make it Now is the most successful independent rapper and has his own empire with Strange music and a lot of loyal fans that support him. Of couse it is the hard work, dedication, passion and patience that tech had but I also feel that he just had a little help from something and maybe it was god or some other force or or higher power maybe it wasnt. Thats what i believe but who knows. I dont even know to call it god i just believe that there is something out there that will help out once and a while in your life and that you dont know what is. This is just my opinoin its great if u dont or do agree with me.

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    I guess i have faith but i dont believe in a religion. I think the bible and other holy books are fake. The stories in it are not really true. And just regular people wrote it not jesus or god if they do exist. Also religions have done mean things themselves but its been ok because its associated with god. A lot of hate, discrimination and wars have been because of religion. I think its just if you do good in your life there is a better chance that something good will be done to you. I believe that theres something out there that helps you it could be god it could be something else. Whatever it is i hope it helps Techs mom.

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